Getting Back in to the Groove….

So after a full TEN days off (incredible, I know…), I have finally returned to my normal life of daily exercise. And let me tell you, I sure feel more normal. But my performance these few days probably shows otherwise.

On Monday, I went out for my first run since getting sick, and it REALLY felt like just that: my first run in a long while. My legs and lungs hurt even though I was essentially just putzing around, and for a measly 30 minutes. But still!! I went running again!… finally! It still felt good, even though I really felt terrible. And by Tuesday’s run, the movement felt much more natural. By this morning, I was actually feeling pretty good.

Between my three short runs and two longer rides that I got in this weekend plus a hard session on the trainer last night, I am slowly working my way back up to where I already was just two weeks ago. But, at least I am on my way. It looks like as of now I will still be racing in my first triathlon of the season on Sunday — an Olympic distance down near Sacramento. Even though I know I shouldn’t expect anything great, I am psyched! It will feel really good to jump back in again and get the tri fever going for the year! I hope it is a positive experience.

By next week, I hope to be fully back in the swing of things so that I can really up the volume and get some good base training in. After that, the focus will be intensity and specificity: gotta get some speed going! I can’t believe how close I am getting to being fully emerged in race season already. Only two months until the Ironman! Woop woooop!

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