Training hard, facing my nemesis and enjoying new gear!

So… 25 days til the Iron(wo)man!! Holy moly how time flies. As the event is quickly approaching, I have been really trying to up my training hours and just push the envelope. I am feeling the effects! Because work has continued to be BUSY BUSY BUSY, I have been really putting in some big hours on the weekends, including this past three-day holiday weekend.

While most were out drinking beers, eating barbeque and riding jet skis, I was putting in some hours on the bike (both day and night!), racing in the firecracker mile, getting in a 3:15 OD run, surviving some hard bike intervals and even fitting in a swim and some strength. It was a tough weekend, but a fun one, and today I am TIRED.

But, the big event looms just around the corner, so after this one day of rest, I will be back at it tomorrow with an early morning swim and then a run after work and coaching. I cannot believe how soon the Ironman is coming up now… the nerves are definitely kicking in. BUT, if I can really prioritize getting in some quality training hours and push through this tough period even when I feel tired, I think I will really be ready to go. No doubt I will be fired up!

One thing I NEED to focus on, which becomes even more essential when trying to get in big hours, is my ultimate nemesis… STRETCHING! For as many tough workouts that I do and difficult challenges that I face with training, you would think stretching would seem like nothing. But, in fact it is a difficult thing for me to do and really stick with. Needless to say, I am far from flexible, which makes me dread and thus avoid stretching even more, worsening my lack of flexibility… and so on goes the domino effect.

But, I do think stretching is SUPER important, and have in fact witnessed the miracle-like effects it can have on both injury healing and prevention, as well as performance and just feeling good over-all during times when I have been forced to prioritize stretching due to injury. I truly reaped the benefits. But, it was not easy to get into the stretching mode. Still, I need to get back there, and am making it my goal to do at least 20 minutes a day… starting tomorrow! 🙂

On another note… I got all my Team Marathon gear finalized and in order, and have been LOVING training in it and representing the team! All the stuff really looks great, such an awesome design, and so comfortable! All in all, the gear rocks, and I am pumped to be a part of the team and wearing the gear with pride!! Woop woop! 🙂 Oh yeah, and the bars have been AMAZING during these big volume weeks; really gotten me through some of the longer sessions!

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