Gettin’ Down to Business

To steal a line from Flight of the Conchords — but take it totally out of context: It’s business time! And I am pumped up…

I’ll be up before the sun tomorrow for my second annual Vineman 140.6 triathlon, and yes, I mean business.

When I didn’t qualify for Kona after St. George, I set my sights on this race big time. And frankly, there’s no reason tomorrow shouldn’t be a great day. The nerves are certainly kicking in a bit, but more than anything I am super excited.

In foresight, there are many positives about this race for me. For one, I am actually pretty stoked on racing a non-Kona-qualifier. The pressure of one tangible goal that is so directly dictated by others is gone, and I can just focus on myself, my time and throwing down the best race possible. The clock will be my principal competitor tomorrow, and I am focused and determined on breaking 11.5 hours. That, rather than a placing, is my goal.

I have also done this race before, so I know some of the tough spots and the spots where I can really push. I am also eager to be able to measure myself against last year. For me, the biggest reward definitely comes in knowing I have pushed to my limit and surpassed my previous successes.

Let’s hope all the hard work pays off.

And did I mention the race takes place in the heart of WINE COUNTRY…?? If that’s not an incentive to finish, then I’m not sure what is… 🙂

Lastly, at the risk of revealing one of my super-secret race strategies, this song is seriously the bee’s knees for getting me PUMPED UP:

It will definitely be on full-blast all the way to the swim start tomorrow morning. Woop!

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