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  1. Hudson says:

    I love your post about the weight thing. I weight 185 pounds which is termed overweight for a man… But surprisingly, I smash the trails faster than most trail runners… Of course the lighter ones find the hills and mountains easier… That is the lighter, stronger runners… Light does not equate to strength… What I lack is lightning speed, I make for in strength and endurance. Last year, I completed the epic 50km Dodo Trail in Mauritius, this year, I finished XTERRA Reunion… I just began serious mountain biking and my aim is to go back and destroy the Xterra course in Reunion next year. Weight has always been of concern to me but I also realized that perhaps that’s who I am… Trust me, being lean and lighter is great… But what’s cool to me is being not lean as a marathoner, but stronger and faster… The bigger, the better… A man or women with proper physique and not thin like a maniqen is pretty cool stuff. Thanks for blogging about this… Stronger, Faster, Kickass!!!!!!

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